I've got limited editions available through Leewi Art Gallery, 50 editions, signed. If interested go to this link, for originals send me e-mail to r@ritaisabel.com. Some of the following images are available as part of this special edition printed in artificial silk:

Yokai Love Stories

Click on the images for full-view. I have made these 4 through 2010, after April and after summer I believe.

Ruby. Silk and Roses

Titles...Lately this is a issue for me, thinking in a good title, I need to read more, find more, research more. This dates from 2008, one of two I started to work on, the other has lillies involved, black lips, ghostly eyes and white hair. I might rework on it because of the lillies and everything else that I dislike on it... This one comes in two versions, red one and a sort of wine color one mixed with greys and black. 

As odd as it seems, I guess the web hates this type of red because Facebook did the same as this is doing to me now here. Click on the images to see bigger size and with good quality.